London Marathon 2022 – Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy

Since my last post I’ve had two further appointments with the physio and a turbulent ride on the emotional roller coaster.

Great news at the first appointment where the physio thinks the leg kicks have helped detach/remove(?) the adhesions to my sciatic nerve. Not such great news at the second appointment, diagnosis can’t be pinpointed exactly because I haven’t had a scan to confirm but it’s likely to be proximal hamstring tendonitis (PHT). Knowing how frustrating it must be for a physio to hear the question, I asked anyway “ how long do you think it’ll take to heal?”. As expected, there was no definite answer. He did confide that he’s suffering from the same thing from a sports injury he sustained a week before Christmas. I wonder if my injury, which I believe stems from a fall in the garden may be different, I hope so.

Some days the pain is so extreme, I can’t sit down for more than 10 minutes and I can’t see how this will be resolved in time to train for the marathon.

I’ve moved from frantically Googling “how long does PHT take to heal?”, to “Can I still run with PHT?”. I’ve lost hours to the internet searching for a ray of hope, there are some positive outlooks but in general there’s so much doom and gloom. I did find a useful website which describes the pain as if I’d written it myself, searching for the “can I speed up recovery” section lead me to the many comments from other sufferers. Oh my goodness. Honestly, I understand the frustration but (after reading every comment) I left the site feeling utterly depressed and hopeless, if you’d like to know more about hamstring tendinopathy, I highly recommend the article… Just stop at the comments:

Trying to remain positive, I’m focusing on the fact that, much like me, people are probably searching for answers because they’re in pain and add their comments when they came across the article. The recovered, pain free and active won’t be searching and commenting… probably. If you’re one of the recovered, please let me know!

While I complete my prescribed exercises religiously and rely on Naproxen to ease some of the pain, I wonder if I should call the charity I’m running for to let them know there’s a chance I may not be able to run for them, I’d be letting them down but they’d still get the sponsorship money I’d raised so far and maybe another runner may be able to take my place and raise even more. Then I’d *only* be letting down the people who have kindly and generously donated and my friend, the reason I signed up in the first place – to help her with her training. Some days are better than others, and it is still early days so there’s hope (come on positivity), I’d love to run the London Marathon, I’m emotional every time I see a London landmark on the TV, a post on social media about how training is going or simply see someone running.

In the meantime, I’m attempting to cross train. Regularly using my girly weights trying to strengthen my core (I also found an unwanted elliptical cross-trainer on Market Place but I’m too scared it will damage me further at the moment).

It’s not knowing that’s the worst. If someone told me today, you can’t do this, at least I’d know. I’d be disappointed and upset but I’d adjust. At the moment, there’s a small glimmer of hope that I’ll hold onto. The physio suggested I’d know for sure at the beginning of June – if I can hold a slow 15 minute training jog. There is hope.

Stay positive!

2 thoughts on “London Marathon 2022 – Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy

  1. I know almost nothing about PHT – but there is still plenty of time. Stick with the exercises and the weights and start to do what you can without aggravating it .. would swimming help? Good luck.

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