Injury strikes… so soon – London Marathon 2022


It was supposed to be the Castle Hill Corker today, a 10K trail run around a local picturesque estate. Unfortunately, storm Eunice had other ideas and brought trees down, the event was cancelled so I went for a 10 mile run instead, absolutely stunning weather for it. Hamstring felt a little niggly when I set out but nothing painful so I continued on. At 7K I was feeling good, considered making it a half marathon and decided how and where to extend the route. At 10K the niggle was worsening so I came straight back. Should have stopped.


Very sore hamstring today. It was twinging yesterday but it’s almost unbearable today. Infuriated with myself as I’ve been running for a couple of year with no injuries… Get a marathon slot and the injuries start rolling in. Must stay positive, there’s still plenty of time to heal and train, I’ll take it easy for a few days.


Really hobbling today, struggled for a lunchtime walk. A friend recommended a physio, I call and am lucky enough to get a cancellation on Thursday morning.


Off to the physio this morning, thank goodness. Lots of questions, noticing of a bruise and a good poke and prod later I’m given a set of three exercises to do each day. Probably a torn hamstring, potentially nerve damage. No running for 2-8 weeks. Back next Friday to see if it can be diagnosed any further. Feeling deflated and a bit low. Don’t want to let anyone down, especially the Calvert Trust and all the wonderful people that have sponsored me so far.

Love the little stick men!

Got home, had a look for said bruise, it’s tiny. Teeny tiny – for the amount of pain, I wanted it to be MASSIVE, black and blue, but no, even had to circle it so it can be seen:


Incredibly achy, in my glues as well as hamstring today, hurts to sit, stand and move! Paranoid I have nerve damage which will take forever to heal and anxious not to let the Calvert Trust down. Called the physio to see if I’m supposed to hurt this much, turns out it’s perfectly normal and I was being paranoid.

Luckily I have a good distraction today, off to court this morning to observe magistrates hearings… Turns out their chairs are more uncomfortable than school chairs, a brilliant experience though, food for thought.


I’ve been using running to calm any anxieties I may have, reading/scrolling/trying new (static) things occupies me for a short while but it doesn’t expel any energy or release any endorphins. I found myself aggressively vacuuming before work today, managed to vacuum a small ember from the fire and noticed poor Henry glowing. Quickly moved him outside and opened him up, he survived with minor melting and requiring a new hoover bag. Roll on good news from the physio.


Walked the children to school this morning and was in agony all day. Sitting, standing, moving were all uncomfortable, trying to get to sleep was a nightmare. in my wakefulness, I remembered I’d fallen over in January while trying to drag a branch up the drive, it gave way and I landed with force on wooden boarder, I nearly passed out at the time and the resulting haematoma lasted weeks, must remember to tell the physio.


Had a second physio session today, remembered to mention the fall. He performed the same tests as before then manipulated my pectineus muscle (with his elbow!) which he thought may have adhered to my sciatic nerve – it was a little uncomfortable but I could move my leg much further after – happy! A different set of exercises this time and another session booked in on the 18th March.


I woke up and felt relatively good today, the blue skies and sunshine were definite motivators. I wanted to run and felt as though it’d be possible, it’s off to work for me this morning though. Fast forward a few hours and I’m in a lot of pain after a lunchtime walk around the block. Perhaps the road to recovery won’t be as simple as I’d hoped.

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