London Marathon 2022


I work from home on Wednesdays and had been out for a little mind clearing 5K run at lunchtime. On my return there was an email from internal comms:

Sent: 09 February 2022 13:12
Subject: Calling all keen runners – two London Marathon places up for grabs for the Calvert Trust

The email said the slots were on a first come, first served basis. Knowing I’d already committed to helping my wonderful friend, Claire train for the London Marathon, I hit reply thinking if it was meant to be, it would be. Within a few minutes, I’d received a reply stating a place was mine. I was excited, and nervous and felt a little bit sick at the thought of having to raise £1600, knowing full well, I’m not a ‘peopley person’.

Before I could change my mind, I’d filled out the form and returned it with the £100 registration fee.

Over the next few days, I learned that four more people from work had gained marathon places. This was great news, more people to support on the journey… But also, more competition in terms of nabbing people for sponsorship. My people circle is small!

Talking about how to fundraise with a colleague, it dawned on me that my transferrable skills, common sense (mostly) didn’t really transfer into practical skills I could offer for sponsorship. I’ll have to up my peopling game and that terrifies me. This marathon is going to be more than just a running event.

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